A Space For badass women who give a shit.


Welcome to The Women Wave

The Women Wave is a multimedia creative house that produces empowered content for women. At TWW, we encourage women to authentically connect and get involved in the world around them.

This is not just a space for the career woman or the political junkie or the pop culture obsessed; this is a platform that can reach and encompass women as the whole ass people that they are. 


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What our
listeners are saying:

“Loving this podcast so much! Binge listened and caught up in a week. Now so excited for Wednesday’s new episode. Tricia and Sterling are so relatable. It’s the perfect blend of fun, inspiring content combined with a run down on current events (politics, news headliners, trending topics). If you need a laugh or a reality check - or both - listen to this podcast.”

“The wonderful world of Instagram led me to finding this podcast and I’m so happy it did.  Tricia and Sterling kill it every time with commentary on current events and stories about their personal lives. I truly leave feeling more informed, empowered, and inspired to DO something!! Keep it up ladies.”

Feeling empowered because I use my power to empower others.