Four Things Round UP

If you’ve listened to the past couple episodes of our podcast, or caught ten minutes worth of news in the past few weeks, you’re probably feeling a little like I am: overwhelmed. So when I sat down to write a blog post, attempting to make sense of the terror, and the ICE raids, and how we can find some hope through it all, I just couldn’t.

On a personal level, my anxiety has been through the roof. Being plugged into the news is a duty I believe every American needs to shoulder, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t hard. It’s in these moments that I rely on the practice of gratitude most. Making small lists of things that provide me a little bit of joy, or peace, or escape is an incredibly grounding exercise for me (and something I would recommend for anyone with an anxiety disorder).

So that’s what I am going to do here. This is a list of seemingly trivial things, but that’s sort of the point. Finding gratitude in the small things allows me to have the strength to face the hard, big things.

Four Things That Brought me Joy This Month

  1. The New Season of Veronica Mars

    When Hulu announced it was reviving this classic series, I was amped (and I may or may not have watched the entire series all the way through again…twice). Since the UPN days, Veronica Mars has been one of my all-time favorite television shows. On the one hand, it’s a detective show…which is a clear favorite of mine. One the other hand, the witty sleuth in this series in KRISTEN BELL! America’s sweetheart! What could go wrong?

    While this new season was way different than anticipated, I loved every second of it. Laying on the couch and being transported back to Neptune, California was like getting a whiff of a scent that reminds me of childhood. 10/10 would recommend.

  2. Plant Propagation

    Over the last two years, I have managed to keep nearly one dozen plants alive. Now that I am a bona fide plant-keeper-aliver, I decided to recently take my talents to the next level with plant propagation.

    What is plant propagation, you may be asking. It’s the method of creating new plants out of clippings from mature ones — AKA it’s a free way to increase your plant collection. All you have to do is clip buds or leaves from a mature plant, keep them in water for a few weeks until roots begin to grow, and then relocate them into soil. I moved by propagated roots over to soil a few weeks ago and my new plant is thriving. THRIVING, I tell you. Before you go buy another $30 plant from the hipster plant store down the street, try this.

  3. Zit Stickers

    Adult acne. What, and I can’t emphasize this enough, the fuck? No one prepared me for the war my face would rage with me in my late twenties. It’s like all of my middle school insecurities decided to come out of retirement for one last hoorah.

    To get through this trying time, I’ve started experimenting with new products. If you know Sterling and I, you know we have a deep obsession with CocoKind skin care products…including their Turmeric spot treatment stick. This product is wonderful, but the one downside is that it stains every piece of fabric it gets into contact with, so it’s a no-go for overnight treatment.

    Instead, I’ve been using zit stickers! You just pop one of these bad boys onto a cystic acne zone or a blemish that is coming to a head, leave it on for a few hours (or while you sleep), and you’ll see the results. There’s a reason these zit stickers have nearly five stars with over 1,400 reviews on Amazon.

  4. Non-Profit Restaurants

    Seattle, like many cities, is facing some big problems. Things like homelessness, addiction, food insecurity, and lack of affordable housing are all on the rise. Luckily, we have passionate and bold people in our community that spend their lives combatting these ills, coming up with creative solutions.

    One of my favorite examples of this is a restaurant group here in town called Fare Start. They have different restaurants and cafes throughout the city, all with great coffee, delicious foods, and accessible price points. But what makes them really unique is that they are a completely non-profit organization. Every dollar of profit is reinvested back into the organization’s educational and job training programs.

    These programs hire at-risk youths and adults trapped in a cycle of poverty. This allows them to earn a living wage while learning real, on-the-job skills in food service. 90% of Fare Start graduates are employed within 90 days of completing the program, allowing them a fair chance at a better life.

So there it is. My little, trivial gratitude list that isn’t so trivial after all. I encourage anyone who is feeling disheartened, anxious, or just not like themselves to make one too. Then share it with us over on our private Facebook group!

xo, Tricia