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Episode 98: Do The Work

Today, Sterling and Tricia are talking about “The Work”. In this context, they define that as the continual and intentional effort to become our most aligned, authentic selves. It's not easy and it's often messy, but it's transformational. They've said it once and they'll say it again, this is a Super Soul Sunday recap podcast. And this episode is very on-brand.

Episode 97: 2020 BOOTCAMP

With the next round of Democrat debates coming up TONIGHT, we thought a 2020 Bootcamp was in order. Here’s a breakdown on how to evaluate candidates, their plans, find good news resources, and MOST IMPORTANTLY how to get involved. Note: We recorded this episode a few weeks in advance, so some information may have changed.

Episode 94: Gratitude Ain't Even The Word

On the eve of hiatus, grateful ain’t even the word! Today, Sterling and Tricia chat about the first LGBT storyline in Bachelor franchise history, the Amazon fires, and Planned Parenthood’s most recent fight for women’s healthcare. They also discuss promising new gun control measures from March For Our Lives, police brutality, and the seminal new work known as the 1619 Project. And don’t worry -- we have some great episodes planned for while we’re on break! 

Episode 93: Laughter is Resistance

The ladies have a jam packed show today! They discuss what it looks like to be an ally in practice (spoiler: it’s not always grand gestures), one woman’s method of beating revenge porn, and cultivating empathy in a partnership. Plus the latest on the Jeffrey Epstein case, the Trump administration’s ICE raids and new immigration rules, and MOSCOW MITCH. North Carolina, don’t forget to register to vote!

Episode 91: Clorox The Oval Office

After six hours of debates and four hours of the Bachelorette finale...we survived and we’re here to talk about it all. Sterling and Tricia get real about clinical anxiety and coping mechanisms to overcome it, give their recap on two nights of Dem Debates (including an in depth discussion about healthcare), and leave on a high note by highlighting some beautiful art on the southern border.

Episode 89: I Believe That We Will Win

From Disney princesses, to personality types, and President Megan Rapinoe, this episode is quite the ride. Get a 2020 update, the latest news about serial sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein, and what you need to know about the Trump administration’s latest attempt to add a citizenship question to the census.

Episode 87: "Adiós, Trump."

After a week off the grid celebrating their best friend’s wedding, the ladies get straight to the point. They’re skipping straight to the politics this week, talking about SCOTUS rulings on gerrymandering and the Census, the horrifying reports about separated children at the border, the latest allegation of rape against President Trump, and the first Democratic Debate of the 2020 election. Let’s get to it!

Episode 86: Ask Us Anything

The title says it all. Sterling and Tricia are off to watch their best friend get hitched, so this week's episode is less about current events and more about listener-submitted questions like, "Who would you vote for in the primary if it was today," and "Is a boneless chicken wing the same thing as a chicken nugget?" Let's go!

Episode 85: “Working Dad” Isn’t Even a Thing

It’s a loose episode today, folks! The ladies discuss a new report by AAUW on barriers and bias against women in the workplace, the importance of financial freedom on mental health, Nike’s plus size mannequins, and the new powerful new series on Netflix called “When They See Us”. And stick around for the politics section to hear about Missouri’s forced vaginal exams with no medical necessity and the terror happening in Sudan’s fight for democracy.

Episode 84: Give Credit Where Credit’s Due

Whether it’s to a feminist cake artist, a brave survivor who empowers others to seek justice, organizations fighting for gun control at the local level, or an entire country for acknowledging an ugly history and working to do better….we need to give credit where credit is due. Jump in for the latest pop culture and politics, but stay for what Tricia learned from a 74-year old shamanic yogi.

Episode 80: Say “Thank You” Not “I’m Sorry”

Fresh off their best friend’s bachelorette party, the ladies recap their special weekend and the great conversations that happen when a bunch of badass women get together. Strap in for lessons like, “Say ‘thank you’ not ‘I’m sorry’,” and abundance versus scarcity mindset. And obviously the latest news, like a Met Gala recap, Georgia’s unconstitutional abortion ban, and new evidence in the Sandra Bland case. Let’s go!

Episode 79: Talk About Important Shit

Here’s an about important shit! The ladies vent about being touched in public without consent, dive into the hot gossip surrounding 50 Cent and...LaLa Kent? 2019 just keeps getting weirder. Stick around for Mueller talk, a discussion about the increase in white nationalist violence, and the horribly failed attempt bring down Mayor Pete.

Episode 78: Started With Moms, Ended With Moms

Pour yourself a glass of wine (or whiskey) for this episode, because Sterling and Tricia sure did! After a few very long weeks of adulthood, the ladies let loose a bit and catch up on each other’s lives and discuss the latest and greatest TV, the redacted Mueller report, Elizabeth Warren, and the importance of recognizing small moments of human connection. Drink up!