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Episode 98: Do The Work

Today, Sterling and Tricia are talking about “The Work”. In this context, they define that as the continual and intentional effort to become our most aligned, authentic selves. It's not easy and it's often messy, but it's transformational. They've said it once and they'll say it again, this is a Super Soul Sunday recap podcast. And this episode is very on-brand.

Episode 94: Gratitude Ain't Even The Word

On the eve of hiatus, grateful ain’t even the word! Today, Sterling and Tricia chat about the first LGBT storyline in Bachelor franchise history, the Amazon fires, and Planned Parenthood’s most recent fight for women’s healthcare. They also discuss promising new gun control measures from March For Our Lives, police brutality, and the seminal new work known as the 1619 Project. And don’t worry -- we have some great episodes planned for while we’re on break! 

Episode 76: Must Watch Alert

Today’s episode is basically a summary of every must watch/must read moment from the past week...and we aren’t mad about it! Skip the dumpster fire that is your Twitter timeline and let us curate the latest news for you, from NBA players making an impact, to Congresswomen bringing the heat, updates on the Mueller report, the Violence Against Women’s Act, and so much more.